What is on The Cleveland Browns Baseball Cap – Finally Answered

The Cleveland Browns baseball cap is one of the most iconic images in sports and yet, many people still don’t know what it means.

This handy breakdown is a must-read for all Browns fans who want to know the significance of this humble headwear.

The cap first made an appearance in the 1940s, but its meaning has changed over time.

So, we will enlighten you with details about what’s on the Cleveland Browns baseball cap.

What is the emblem on the Cleveland Browns baseball cap?

The Cleveland baseball cap is a striped helmet with a brown bill, which is sewn to the crown of the cap.

On the left side of the bill are two lines that span across the entire width of the bill.

And there’s also a brown patch on top of this bill, which some people call a “B” but it’s not really that.

The emblem on the Cleveland baseball cap is the word “Browns” sewn in the shape of a brown diamond on the front.

Some people think that this is an arrow or perhaps a bird.

But this is wrong.

The brown patch sewn on top of the bill represents a B, not an arrow or a bird.


Because the word “Browns” was used as a team name by two different teams in two different cities before and after it became part of the Cleveland baseball cap.

The original Browns were a team from Ohio, which played in the National Football League from 1946–1953.

The current Browns are also a team from Ohio, which plays in the NFL today.

What is on the Cleveland Browns baseball cap?

Originally, the team’s mascot was the Brownie.

The Brownie was a cartoon character, which was often drawn on the back of team jerseys.

It’s basically an elf, who wore a brown outfit and carried a magic wand or a magician’s hat.

And the Brownie was said to bring good luck to the team.

When this mascot logo was introduced on the team in the early, it became an instant hit with the fans.

And just like with any good thing, the Browns baseball cap was soon formed to commemorate this logo and its iconic status.

As much the elf mascot was loved by the fans, it didn’t last very long.

In 1969, the new owner of the team phased it out and replaced it with the dawg pound.

Even though the dog had replaced the elf as its new mascot, it still played an important role in this iconic logo.

Today, the Cleveland Browns hat features the team’s helmet logo as well as the team’s name on both sides of the cap.

Why is there an elf on the Cleveland Browns hat?

Before their current mascot, which is a dog known as the dawg pound, the Browns used several mascots.

The Brownie was an elf-like character with a magic wand.

Another mascot for the team was a Brownie in an orange outfit that appeared in later years.

An updated brownie mascot still makes appearances at Browns home games.

Since Brownie the elf was the face of the team at some point, it still holds an important place on the Cleveland Browns baseball cap.

That’s why the elf is still there on the hat.

It’s also much-loved by the fans and the history can never be erased.

Who designed the Cleveland Browns hat?

The original team owner, Arthur “Mickey” McBride, was the one who came up with the idea for the mascot and commissioned a local artist to draw it.

He asked this artist to draw a Brownie with brown skin, wearing an orange outfit and holding a magic wand.

The brown skin was supposed to represent the color of chocolate and stick to tradition in earlier times when food was cooked by fire.

A lot may have changed since those days, but the Cleveland Browns hat is still a classic.

It’s made of a canvas material and features the team’s logo over the ear flaps.

The colors are brown, white, orange and black.

Final Thoughts

The Cleveland Browns cap is one of the most iconic sports item around.

If you’re a fan of the team, you must have it in your collection.

It’s not only classic but also stylish and trendy.

Wherever you go in the world, all eyes will be on you when you sport a Cleveland Browns baseball cap to match your attire.

It’s a great way to represent your team while in public and also be stylish at the same time.


What is on the Cleveland Browns hat 2022?

The Cleveland Browns baseball cap has been around for over 80 years.

But the logo on top is not the same as it is today.

In fact, this logo has had different looks in different eras.

At the moment, it features the team’s helmet logo with the team’s name on the sides.

Why is the Cleveland Browns hat brown?

Well, the Browns is a team that was formed in 1919.

And they were definitely not named after the color brown.

In fact, the team got its name from Paul Brown – the coach and general manager of the team when they were formed.

Paul Brown was a very influential man and he’s widely credited with several innovations in football, including on-field equipment such as helmets and face masks.