What is a Snapback Baseball Cap – How Did They Get Popular

A Snapback is a type of baseball cap that can be folded up so that the crown snaps over the brim.

It ranges in shape from an original “high” snapback to straight-brimmed hats and bucket hats, with the brim typically being made of interwoven cloth and rubber.

Its style has come to be associated with hip hop and rap music, as well as other forms of street fashion.

Snapbacks are often worn by athletes or sports enthusiasts during sporting events, especially those football helmets or basketball jerseys.

Most often, the term refers to a baseball cap worn by players of a team.

Sometimes, other terms are used for this type of cap; for example, when describing the headgear worn by professional football and hockey players.

History of Snapback baseball cap

The history of the snapback is traced back to early forms of caps that have been used during different sports.

A baseball hat made in 1910 by Spalding had a protective strip along the back that could be folded up over the wearer’s neck to keep it in place while playing.

In 1960, the Washington Senators baseball team wore a uniform cap that was an early version of the modern snapback.

The hat was closer to a stovepipe in shape, with a rounded crown and a narrow brim.

The style became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s as it became associated with hip hop culture.

Early on its use was primarily limited to California, but later spread across North America and Europe.

Snapbacks can be made of wool, cotton or polyester.

They began as “high-crown” hats (similar to those worn by Mr.


The high-crown hats were eventually phased out in favor of the curved style of wide-brimmed hats worn today by hip-hop fans.

It is also referred to as the “gangsta” hat because of its association with hip-hop culture.

The hat was also worn by many professional and college basketball players in the 1990s, notably Bill Cartwright and Keith Van Horn.

Snapbacks have become a common style for men’s wear.

In 2005, the hat was becoming popular where it was being worn by more men in comparison to ladies.

They have been described as representing a low-brow or working-class lifestyle; common products include caps from popular American brands such as New Era and A Bathing Ape (known for popularizing the “baggy” style).

As with other types of hats, the snapback hat is sometimes worn in combination with a suit and tie.

Snapback caps materials and styles

In some styles the brim and band are made of interwoven cloth or rubber, while others have a large “brim”.

The term “snapback” is frequently used to describe both types of cap.

The style has come to be associated with hip hop music as well as sports and street culture.

During the 1990s, rappers wore snapbacks alongside high-fashion designer clothing of suits and ties.

They were also frequently worn by professional and college basketball players, who had their own apparel companies that produced snapback hats in combination with full suits and ties (alongside magenta pants).

Like other styles, snapback caps are worn both by fans of the sport and the professionals themselves.

One of the most famous styles is the flat-billed baseball cap worn by Major League Baseball players in all stadiums, which is no longer permitted.

Other styles of snapback caps have also been worn by players including golfers and football, as well as hockey players during NHL games.

The type worn by NHL teams have become more popular since the 2004–05 lockout.

Prior to this period, they were made with a rounded crown and curved brim (as opposed to today’s flatter style), and had “The Hockey Company” branded on them.

Today, teams have their own versions of the hat; for example, the Chicago Blackhawks have produced a white one with black bill.

Snapback caps are also worn by fans at baseball games.

In 2006, some Major League Baseball broadcasters began wearing a snapback hat instead of a baseball cap as part of their on-air apparel.

In American basketball, snapbacks were worn in the 1990s primarily by professional basketball players.

Since then, they have largely been replaced by flat-brimmed hats or sport caps.

The first major league player to wear a snapback hat was Frank Thomas of the Kansas City Royals until his retirement in 2009.

Frank Howard and Joe DiMaggio were also early adopters of the style.

Carlos Beltran had a few different designs during his tenure with the Yankees.

Alabama Crimson Tide’s George Pickens wore the style of hat that has come to be associated with college teams after he passed away in 1999 at age 73.

Snapbacks have been worn by many professional and college basketball players.

While the style is no longer as popular among athletes, it has become one of the most popular types of caps worn by men.


The snapback has shown to be a very successful hat in American culture.

Although many still wonder what the origin of the snapback was, we are sure they will never stop to ask these questions.

Although this is still a matter of debate and is not known for sure, there are some notable aspects that are able to be identified by research and in-depth analysis.

We are able to find that the snapback hat was created in the early 1900s, but it is not sure when.

The era of the snapback is said to have truly begun during the time period of 1950-1960s.

We have been able to find that this style of hat started off as worn by many police officers and firemen.

It was then adopted by many professional sports teams such as basketball and baseball teams, which has led to its huge popularity in the U.S today.