What Did Baseball Legend Babe Ruth Keep on His Head Under His Baseball Cap

We all know Babe Ruth as the baseball legend with an appetite for hot dogs, but what do you know about his headwear and how he wore his baseball cap?

What did Babe Ruth keep on his head, under his baseball cap?

In the 1920s, Babe Ruth ruled the baseball world.

Ruth used his great sense of humor to lighten up a sometimes tense game by clowning around with fellow players and fans.

He was a legendary player that dominated almost every baseball game with his powerful swing.

What makes Babe Ruth a legend?

George Herman Ruth, Jr was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland.

He began playing baseball at an early age and soon was discovered by the New York Yankees who signed him to a baseball contract at the age of seventeen.

Ruth was a very skilful pitcher, but his real claim to fame was as a power hitter.

He set numerous baseball records that were never broken including the home run record of sixty-nine in one season.

The 1961 movie The Pride and the Passion, with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, was loosely based on Babe Ruth’s early days as a Major League Baseball player with the New York Yankees.

Ruth gained much of his popularity because of his “boyish” personality off-the-field.

His actions and words could be quite funny.

Ruth would often tell funny stories about himself and his teammates.

In other words, his personality made this baseball player into a huge fan favorite.

His prolific career span for 22 seasons and at the end of it he had a career batting average of .342 which was quite high considering that this was during an era when pitchers were really good.

What did Babe Ruth keep on his head, under his baseball cap?

In the 1920s baseball was quite a big deal in America and attracted a lot of people to the game.

They would pack the games and would make a lot of noise for their beloved big league players.

It was also very hot on some days and the stadiums didn’t really pay much attention to the sun or wind flow.

On some game days, the diamond would be a bit heated.

Well, Babe Ruth did come up with a somewhat odd solution to this problem.

During the hot days, he would place cold cabbage leaves under the hat to keep his head cool.

It was a very odd idea, but it did work! He would actually put the leaves in an icebox and after cooling, lay them over his head, under the cap and get into the field to play.

The cabbage leaves helped with the heat, which made him feel much cooler.

Why did Babe Ruth put a cabbage leaf under his cap?

Many players including Babe Ruth would often put cold objects, such as ice in their drinks or on their heads to keep cool.

This practice was prevalent during baseball games in that era and Babe Ruth was no exception.

In fact, one of his teammates once put his head into an ice chest after a hot game!

The idea seems so odd, but it might have been more efficient than the humidifiers that were being used in the early 1900’s.

Now Babe Ruth occasionally placed cabbage leaves under his hat for the sole purpose of keeping himself cool.

While it is believed that the cabbage leaves from the ice box may have started as a practical joke, some believe it was simply a way for Babe Ruth to show off his athletic abilities and keep himself cool during hot games in the very hot city of New York.

Who is the best baseball player of all time?

Babe Ruth is often considered the greatest baseball player of all time and is ranked high on the list of all-time MLB players.

His incredible talent, personality and speed earned him the nickname “Sultan of Swat”.

Babe Ruth set many records during his 22-year career including one for most home runs hit by a single player in a single season.

In 1927, he hit sixty-nine home runs in one year! It was not until 2001 that this record was broken by Mark Mcguire who hit seventy.

Final Thoughts

Babe Ruth is a very remarkable player and sports legend.

He will be remembered for his amazing playing abilities, his great personality and for being a big American hero.

He was a renowned baseball player in the early 1900s.

His cabbage leaf hat trick was just one of many unusual things he did to keep himself cool.

Babe Ruth will always be known as the great baseball player who was probably the most legendary player in the history of baseball.


What was Babe Ruth’s favorite type of baseball?

Babe Ruth loved a good curveball.

He wanted to swing the bat but was always able to wait for the slow curveball.

This made him a great batter and hitter.

His most famous hit was what is called the “called shot” when he pointed to center field in the 1932 World Series and hit a home run.

Who did Babe Ruth have in an autographed baseball?

At some point in his career, Babe Ruth had President Franklin D.

Roosevelt, who was a big baseball fan, sign an autographed baseball for him and President Roosevelt actually did so.