What Baseball Team Cap Did Magnum P.I. Wear

Back in the day, Magnum P.I.

was an eminent crime drama TV show that had some of the best action and cameos.

For those who have seen Magnum P.I., they know that he was always seen wearing a baseball cap with a logo on it.

So, what baseball team’s cap did Magnum P.I.

wear on the show?

Tom Selleck, an actor who is known for his role as a private investigator in the show, was the man who wore the baseball cap.

It became the main thing that people remembered when they saw Magnum P.I.

The baseball cap was something that featured in several memorable scenes and people would talk about it even decades after the show ended.

What baseball team is on Magnum P.I.’s baseball hat?

The image on the cap was actually the logo of the famous Detroit Tigers baseball team.

On several episodes, Tom Selleck was seen wearing this baseball cap.

But, there is more to it.

So why was Magnum P.I.

wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap?

For one thing, it was his favorite MLB team.

The truth is Tom Selleck was actually born in Detroit and this where he grew up and started following his favorite team.

Tom was a die-hard fan and decided to sneak this part of his life into the character he was representing on the show.

He was even seen attending several games back in the day.

And whenever he appeared wearing the baseball cap with their logo on it, it gave the show a lot of credibility and authenticity.

The fact that Detroit is the city where Tom Selleck grew up and attended baseball games really made him a true fan of Tigers, who have been around since 1894.

What is the reason for Magnum P.I. wearing a baseball cap?

In addition to the iconic Hawaiian shirt and moustache, Tom Selleck’s character was also known for wearing a baseball cap with the logo of Detroit Tigers.

The idea was so good that some of the sets used for these episodes were actually built around said cap.

Because of this, Selleck kept on wearing it even though he had to change his wardrobe not too often in his scenes.

It was a symbol of his personality and a trademark of the show.

All in all, it turned out to be a great decision.

The cap from the Detroit Tigers is one of the most prominent things in all of sports history.

There are even questions about it every time some new player or manager joined the team despite none of them ever wearing this hat for real.

It appears like Magnum P.I.

was the only one who was allowed to wear it.

Who is Magnum P.I.?

This famous show which ran from 1980 until 1988 in the US is set in Hawaii.

So, the detective was supposed to look like he lived there.

Tom Selleck’s character was named Thomas Magnum and he was portrayed as an ex-Navy SEAL turned private investigator.

Magnum used his strong command of languages as well as his previous experiences to solve mysteries and solve crimes.

The show made such a huge impact that it was renewed for several seasons and even got adapted into movies.

There were a few other TV shows that were set in Hawaii, but none of them had the same impact and fan following as Magnum did.

In fact, CBS decided to reboot the series back in 2018 as a way to honor the masterpiece.

Tom Selleck is not coming back as the main character of the show but his impact is still felt, not only for his iconic role but also for the famous baseball cap he wore.

The image of Tom Selleck wearing a Detroit Tigers cap has become something people will always remember.

Is Tom Selleck a fan of Detroit Tigers?

Tom Selleck is a big baseball fan, not only being a big fan of his hometown team, the Detroit Tigers and he could always be seen wearing their hat.

He was even known to attend games back in the day and he was caught on camera many times wearing the cap.

There are pictures that show him posing with baseball players while they were both wearing this iconic hat.

Final Thoughts

The Detroit Tigers is one of the most celebrated MLB teams and it has a history dating back to 1894.

There were a lot of players and managers over the years that made huge impacts in the game of baseball but Tom Selleck’s character was one of them.

Not only did Magnum P.I.

wear their hat on TV, but he was also even seen attending games and interacting with baseball players while wearing it.

It became his signature look and it helped him become a character that people will remember for years to come.


Why does Tom Selleck wear a Detroit hat?

Tom Selleck’s character, Magnum P.I.

is based on a former Navy SEAL, who was also in the service for years as a SEAL and lived in Hawaii.

Because of this, Tom could easily relate to and appreciate the team as he was from that town and grew up watching them play.

From the entertainment perspective alone, it was a good idea for them to wear the baseball cap with their logo and it worked out well for both the believability of the show and Tom’s personality as he grew up in Detroit.

What was the Magnum P.I. car?

Magnum P.I.

was an American television series that was set in Hawaii.

So it was only natural that the car he drove would be one of those flashy and fast cars you could see on the streets of this exotic location.

So, Magnum’s car is a Ferrari 308 GT4, which was made between 1975 and 1985.

The 4th generation of this model came out in 1981 with a slight redesign and with a few changes inside as well.