How to Stretch a Baseball Cap – The Proven Method

It can also be a pain to get your favourite baseball cap to fit if your hair has grown or its shrunk over time.

Many people have been wondering how to stretch a baseball cap without ruining its shape, in this guide we cover all you need to know

This way, you’ll achieve a suitable fit that you can still enjoy wearing.

Provided that the cap’s material is suitable for stretching, you should not worry about having to throw it away afterward or being unable to wear it anymore.

You’ll have a cap that fits well and looks good at the same time.

The most typical reason why people opt to stretch their baseball cap is to improve the fit.

This is based on the fact that a lot of hats either come small straight out of the box or just do not fit their wearers.

Thus, there is no other way to adjust their size than stretching.

Being able to manipulate the cap’s size and shape will save you from having to ditch it just because it does not fit anymore.

On that note, we’ll guide you on the methods required for stretching a baseball cap.

Stretching a fitted baseball cap

Wear It

Sorry, no magic here.

Just like shoes, break in your hat by wearing it for a few times.

A brand new baseball cap will most likely be a bit snug.

In that case, before doing anything drastic simply wear it for about a week.

It will eventually stretch the fibers in the matieral in the hat and it should fit you better after the week is up.

With time, it will conform to the size of your head and you won’t have to stretch it anymore.

Use steam to stretch it

You can also use steam to stretch your baseball cap.

The steam will expand the material of your hat and make it easier to wear.

It’s a common and effective method that works on a range of fabrics such as cotton and wool felt.

What you need

  • A small kettle or pot filled with water
  • Blow dryer


  1. Place the kettle or pot on the stove and turn on the burner. Let it heat up until the water inside is boiling.
  2. Take your cap and put it in place over the steam coming out of the kettle or pot. You should hold it a few inches away from the steam and ensure it reaches the interior part of the cap. Allow it to sit for about a minute before removing it from the heat source.
  3. After 30 seconds away from the heat, bring it back and repeat the same process above at least four times.
  4. Once you have done that, bring out your blow dryer and use its hot air to finish the job of stretching the cap’s material. Don’t dry it completely.
  5. When it’s only a bit damp, wear the cap as it air dries and stretches to accommodate the size of your head.

Spray bottle method

For caps composed of a stretchable material, you can use a spray bottle to force them to expand.

Some toppers wouldn’t budge even when you’ve worn them a few times to allow the fabric to relax.

These cap you’ll have to use the spray bottle method and apply it to the interior inside of the cap.

It works well to loosen the natural fibers and allow the interior of the cap to expand.

Once you have done this, you can use it as usual.

What you need

  • A spray bottle of water
  • Your baseball cap
  • Blow dryer


  1. Get you spray bottle and fill it with preferably lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it may cause the cap’s material to shrink. Using lukewarm water will allow the materials to loosen up naturally.
  2. Get the interior of your baseball cap wet by spraying some of the water from your spray bottle over it. Also spray the inside band and outside of the crown.
  3. Don’t dose your cap with lots of water to the point it’s too wet and dripping. This could damage the materials. Keep the water level at the same level at least within the cap’s interior.
  4. Using your blow dryer, dry the cap slowly. Use it to both dry the outside and inside at the same time. You can use your blow dryer to rotate the cap around to dry different parts of it. Don’t let it dry out completely.
  5. Now wear the slightly damp hat so that it can air dry and gradually stretch to accommodate your head. Also, when adjusting your baseball cap’s size, ensure that the stretchiness has worn out a little bit and it’s not too soft yet neither too hard.

Use the ball method

Some people use a soccer ball to resize an ill-fitting baseball cap.

It’s an easy and affordable method, but it may not work on all types of hats.

Also, if you want to achieve a bigger stretch, you will have to add a little bit of water.

The idea is to stretch out the cap’s inner band.

What you need

  • Youth-sized soccer ball
  • A baseball cap


  • Wet the cap with just enough water and then put it over the soccer ball. Make sure that the cap’s inner band is touching the ball, but keep it on top of the outer liner so that it doesn’t touch the ground.
  • Put a towel on top of the cap and cover it with a weight. This may be a book or even another object to press down on top of the hat, making sure it’s sealed with enough pressure.
  • Next, place it near a heater so that the hat can dry up. In case you opt not to wet it, just leave it on the ball overnight.
  • Once it’s dry completely, you’ll notice it slips off the ball easily to indicate it fits. Try it on to see if it fits. If it’s too small, then you can repeat the process again if you choose to.

Buy a hat stretcher

For the enthusiest.

This is a more expensive method but also the most effective one.

If you want your baseball cap to fit and be more comfortable, then this is an option worth considering.

You can buy a stretcher for about 5 dollars and it will last for years.

When you wear it and it feels too tight, use a hat stretcher to take up the size of the hat.

This helps stretch the material and maintain its contours.

You can find hat strechers in most places that sell caps and shoes, such as online retailers.

What you need

  • A hat stretcher


  • Buy a hat stretcher and make sure that it matches the size of your cap. The foundation of this device is made with solid metal bars which are equipped with its own lock.
  • Once you have selected your hat stretcher, remove the inner band of the cap you want to stretch and lay it over the bars of the device. Make sure that the crown part is facing up. Put it on a flat surface and lock in place to hold it in place.
  • Leave it overnight and in case you didn’t wet your cap. In the morning, open up the device and take out your cap.
  • The crown of it should be loose enough to slip on your head comfortably after wearing it a few times. If it doesn’t fit well, then repeat the process again to achieve optimal results.

Bespoke Sizing

Getting a bespoke baseball cap fitted to your melon is one of those premium experiences that will make your hat extra special to you.

Getting the fit right is important for those who want to wear their caps for extended periods of time.

But in case you can’t find the perfect fit, or want to save some money in the long run, then this method is highly recommended.

There’s no equipment needed or wearibng an uncomfortable hat for a week.

You just get a well fitted cap that you can call your own that is one of a kind.


  • Hold your baseball cap firmly by the crown to ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hands.
  • Put it over your knee and pull as much as you can to achieve the perfect fit. You should have enough stretch to reach all the way around the crown of the cap. Hold it for about 10 seconds and then release.
  • If this is too strenuous, don’t worry. You can buy baseball caps that have an inner band that allows you to stretch them without much effort or use a hat stretcher.
  • Repeat as many times as you need to achieve the fit you want.

This is a simple method for stretching a baseball cap, but you will need to repeat this process several times until you achieve an ideal fit that’s comfortable on your head.

This only takes seconds and will never damage your cap because it uses no equipment whatsoever.

In fact, there’s no need to use any special tools like a spray bottle or any other item.

Tips for Maintaining Your Baseball Cap

Always look for a spot to hang your cap instead of throwing it on the floor.

This will help maintain its shape and prevent it from getting dirty.

Also, store it in a dry place or hang away from sunlight so that it doesn’t fade away and maintain its colors.

When the cap starts getting worn out, you can consider buying a new one or an adjustable cap that lets you adjust its size.

But it will still be fine if you replace your hat every year or so after it’s worn for many hours.

If you don’t want your cap to get dirty, you could always try to wash it with a little bit of liquid soap, warm water and a sponge.

Always dry the cap out with a towel and allow it to dry in indirect sunlight until it’s completely dry.

Get a hat bag to prevent it from getting stolen or lost.

If you have an adjustable cap and it lets you adjust the size, then you can use the stretchy part to store your cap without its band.

Sometimes, a hat’s band may be stretched out and not elastic anymore, causing it to slip off.

If this happens, use a needle to sew it back together and make sure that it fits snugly.

After you’re done sewing, leave it for 10 minutes so that the band can strengthen and regain its elasticity.

Make sure that your hat is dry before you put it back on your head.

Final Thoughts

Using these steps, you can stretch any baseball cap easily and quickly.

You should be able to get the fit that you want and wear it comfortably for long periods of time without letting it slip off your head.

If you’re planning to buy a new hat, opt for an adjustable model so that it fits perfectly on your head right out of the box.

This is a better option especially because most hats lose their shape over time and won’t last as long if they’re used frequently.


How can i make my baseball cap bigger?

Baseball caps tend to shrink over time since they’re made from cotton and other materials that are easy to lose shape.

So it’s possible your hat has shrunk after using it many times.

In that case, use the above methods to stretch it back to its original size and feel.

Remember that you can use these methods on several hats so you will spend less money and achieve better results.

How do you break in a baseball hat fast?

A new baseball cap will always be too tight on your head, but you can wear it frequently to stretch the inner band and make it wider so that it fits comfortably.

In case you need help with this, use the above methods to stretch your cap in a matter of minutes so that you don’t have to spend hours wearing it.