How to Measure For a Baseball Cap – The Easy 101 Guide

Wondering the best way on how to measure a baseball cap?

then this is the correct way to do it.

Who doesn’t love baseball caps, their practicality is synonymous with getting things done, like scoring a goal or doing hard work in the yard or field to prevent the sun or rain out of your way.

It is similar to a cap or trilby in shape, with the only difference being that a baseball cap is round.

The hat has become an essential for baseball players dating back to the 1880s and has been worn and made popular with culture since.

It is also sometimes called a “baseball hat” or “hat for playing baseball.”

However if you are not familiar with these terms then dont worry

A baseball cap typically has the team’s name and logo printed on it, but many players now wear hats with no logo or just their name printed on them to show their team spirit.

That said, the process of buying a baseball cap can be difficult especially because you need something fitting.

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect baseball cap for your size.

What If I’m Small?

If you are on the small side, then it’s a good idea to have a hat that can fit snugly on your head.

You probably don’t want a cap with extra material fanned out or floppy when you wear it for the first time but something that fits you well.

There are caps with elastic bands and secure buttons which help keep the baseball hat in place when you play.

What If I’m Big?

If you are on the bigger side, then it might take a little more creativity in choosing the perfect cap.

The most suitable baseball cap for you would be one which sits close to your head, has some length to it or can be put on you snugly.

Since it is hard to find a cap that fits comfortably on your head, you should consider getting a cap with an adjustable strap.

This way, you can wear it right away without worrying about the size.

What If I’m Not Sure?

If you’re not sure about your size and shape, then it’s better to get caps of different sizes or shapes.

The typical circumference of a men’s baseball cap is 21.5 inches all around.

This way, you are able test which cap works for you best.

You may also find that caps of varying widths suit your head shape better.

But the best thing in this regard is to measure for the baseball cap.

So how do you measure for baseball cap?

Baseball hat sizing guide

Let’s get down to size.

Baseball caps usually come in sizes that are based on the circumference of your head or the length of your head.

There is no real standard among manufacturers, which means that it can be hard to find a baseball cap that fits you well.

However, there is a way to estimate your own ideal fit by using a measuring tape and a hat for comparison.

Measure Your Heads Circumference

Find out what size hat you have by measuring around your head with a fabric measuring tape.

Write down the circumference of your head on a notepad.

Its easier to get a friend or love one to assist you.

Measure Your Favorite Hat

Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your favorite baseball cap.

Write down this measurement and you can look online to see if its available in your size.

If not available in your size then I would be best to get a bespoke baseball cap made to your size.

Choose Your Hat Size

Compare the circumference of your head with the one on your favorite hats using the sizing charts available from the manufacturers.

Every known brand has a sizing chart, so you can take full advantage of this if you plan to buy online.

The good news is that many hats are adjustable and can flex to fit your melon.

Tips to get the right baseball hat size

Keep in mind that there is no standard on sizing among manufacturers and sometimes the same hat from different manufacturers might not even fit the same person.

So here are a few tips to follow if you want to make sure you get the right fitting hat:

  • Try hats of different sizes before buying one. You can even ask the sales assistant to try one on you to see if it fits.
  • If you are buying a fitted cap, then choose the right size right away. This will save you any hassle of returning a hat that doesn’t fit well later on.
  • Always check whether there is a sizing chart included with your new baseball cap and follow it accordingly.
  • If you are in doubt, then it’s better to use a hat that is slightly bigger than your head because it will be more comfortable. However, don’t go too far with this because otherwise your cap might sit cocked on your head.
  • If you are using a fitted cap, then make sure the cap fits on your head snugly without having too much extra material. Otherwise, you might feel uncomfortable when wearing the cap and even when walking with it on! For example, if you heard that the average person’s head measures 20 inches, then it means that a size 6 that fits the whole range of 20-28. If you are someone whose head is about 22 inches, then a size 7 hat should fit you well.
  • If you are buying a fitted cap, then go with something which is slightly larger than your head so that the fit of the cap will be more comfortable.


What size baseball cap do I need?

Baseball caps are normally measured by length and circumference.

You should go for the length when you have that hat size available or else you have to guess it out with a measuring tape

What is the typical circumference of a Men’s baseball hat?

The typical circumference of a men’s baseball cap is 21.5 inches all around.

However, the circumference of a baseball cap is an imperfect measurement, because it is highly influenced by the manufacturer’s preference in fit.

Therefore, there may be variations in circumferences from one brand to another.

What is the size of an adult unisex baseball cap?

The average adult unisex baseball cap has a circumference of 22 inches around and can easily wrap around your head.


If you are planning to spend your time with baseball, then you might as well be wearing the right hat.

This will make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

You can find a baseball cap that fits you best by choosing the right one according to your measurements and head shape.