How to Look Good in a Baseball Cap – The 101 Style Guide

A baseball cap is a piece of headwear worn by both men and women, typically worn while participating in baseball sports.

It is very similar to a fraternity cap or ski hat, but made of different material.

The baseball cap as we know it today dates back to the 19th century.

With its popularity growing in Western countries, many people associate the first use of this type with Major League Baseball (MLB).

Baseball caps have been around for a long time and one of the first wearers were Abner Doubleday, who made an effort to pitch softball in 1839.

There are many different types of baseball caps available today, including: hard caps, soft caps and fitted hats.

Getting The Best Hat For Your Head Shape

There are a few different kinds of baseball caps to choose from.

These include hard core caps and the chilled out old flat bill style to Dad style hats.

If the weather is just right, try the flat bill baseball cap to keep the sun off your face while you cheer on your favourite team.

Baseball caps can be divided into four main types: the ball cap, fitted cap, snapback and trucker hat.

Ball Caps

Ball caps are the perfect look for any baseball fan, whether you’re playing catch in the yard or taking a day out.

Ball caps are made of many different fabrics and materials, usually soft or stiff.

They often have a synthetic band that holds the cap on your head.

Some ball caps have a bill made from rubber or plastic which is somewhat flexible, while others are rigid and open at the front to give you an airing hole for sun protection.

The most common fabric used in ball caps today is cotton twill where it’s used for both the band and wearer’s sweat-wicking material.

Fitted Cap

The fitted cap has become a staple in the men’s fashion industry as of late and is growing in popularity.

The fit of a baseball cap is designed to be snug, but not tight.

So that it fits well on your head but still has a bit of slack around the back of the cap.

A fitted cap will also offer you more ventilation than most other caps and offer more comfort than an adjustable crown hat, which can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable bandana.


If you’re looking for a nice baseball cap that weaves seamlessly into your overall look, the Snapback can be it.

It is the most common baseball cap and the first snapback was made by New Era in 1988.

Snapbacks were popularized by John Candy in A Few Good Men, and have since become a part of people’ culture.

Made from 100% cotton, this is a casual and comfortable cap that is sure to put smiles on faces.

It has an adjustable strap around the back of the head so you can get it just right and still wear it comfortably over your ears.

The snapback cap has come a long way since its inception.

Originally, it was a practical hat used by those who worked on the farm or in the factory.

Today, though, this iconic piece of clothing can be found everywhere from college campuses to corporate offices.

Tucker Hat

The trucker hat is a great style to wear with any outfit, from your favourite jeans and t-shirt to a pair of sneakers.

The trucker hat is just as versatile as it is stylish.

The trucker hat is more than just a hat, it’s a fashion statement.

Fitted shapes and other styles add casual elegance to your look, while unstructured caps make a statement of their own.

There are many other types of baseball caps which include: Sombreros, bucket hats, cowboy hats and beanies, Blaklok, Cool Cap, Flex fit hat, a Tri-Banded Cap, a Crop Hat, a Bucket Hat and many more.

Identifying the right baseball cap

Finding the right baseball cap can be difficult and many people are caught up in their obsession with brands and want to buy the “latest hottest hat.”

There are many different types of baseball caps to choose from; we will talk about a few factors that you need to go through when looking for a new one.

The market is filled with many different varieties of baseball caps that you can choose to buy.

The way to identify the right baseball cap is by taking into consideration several factors such as the look, comfort and brand reputation.

In addition, the material and specifications used in the making of these caps matter a lot too.

In addition, you need to clearly point out your needs.

You have to get something that will just suit your desires in the right way.

Do you need it for a casual occasion or for playing sport?

If it is for casual occasions, then keep in mind that you can buy a lightweight cap more easily than for those who play sport.

These kinds of caps are comfortable as well as fitted to suit anyone’s specific choice of head shape and face shape because they have enough space in between the front and rear part of the cap which aren’t constricting if fit tightly on your head.

On top of that it all comes to the right style for you.

To identify a cap’s style and type, simply ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it a hat with ear flaps or panels, or does it have a bill?
  • Is it made of polyester fabric, cotton twill or denim?
  • Does it have a strap across the forehead or chin?
  • Is there an adjustable back-strap that fits snugly on top of your head?
  • Does it have a visor on top?
  • Does it offer an exclusive design?
  • Or does it have high quality materials (such as real leather)?

You should take into consideration the budget that you had planned for the purchase of the cup.

You are going to find different caps which go with different prices for example the sell at $10.98.

You are going to find variety of baseball caps that sell at different prices so it’s up to you to know how much you want to spend.

Different ways to styles to consider while wearing a baseball cap

Smart Casual

Wearing a baseball cap in a Smart Casual way?

A baseball cap in a Smart Casual way is a baseball cap that fits snug against the head, has some type of design centred on the front (typically one or two colours), and is never tilted down.

The most common designs are often team logos, but you can also wear anything from hipster coffee mugs and comic book covers to skateboarding graphics.


You might not think that wearing a baseball cap could be considered an everyday way, but it is! A basic baseball cap can keep your head and neck cool by shading them from the sun or rain.

You can also wear a baseball cap to cover up bad hair days or dirty clothes.

The best thing about wearing a hat every day is that it’s completely versatile! You can match any outfit with the perfect hat.

Streetwear way

Wearing a baseball cap in a streetwear way is so simple.

But not everyone knows how to do it.

You just need to wear a baseball cap of your favourite team in a streetwear style with the brim backward on your head and the rest of the hat forward, cocked to one side.

It’s that easy and you are ready to go!

There are many other styles you may choose while it comes to wearing a baseball cap which include the athleisure or the minimalist.

How do I correctly wear a baseball cap?

This question is probably one of the most common questions asked.

It’s a good thing people are curious about this, because there is no single right way to wear baseball cap.

Baseball caps come in countless sizes and shapes, so you can be sure that there are millions of different ways to wear it.

This can be confusing, however, so hopefully these descriptions will help you understand how to wear your favourite hat the right way – and make sure it stays looking good!

Step 1

Baseball caps can be great for casual wear, but if you want to look your best and make a style statement, it’s important to know how to wear the right baseball cap.

The general rule for wearing a baseball cap is to find one with a good fit.

This means it should feel snug on your head to avoid falling off, but never so tight that it gives you a headache or leaves red marks and indentations on your forehead.

If you find a baseball cap that fits well, then congratulations, because you are one step closer to achieving good style; however, there is more to it than just having the right hat size.

For the guys who wear glasses make sure you get a cap that is long enough to accommodate them.

Remember that thinner frames look better on smaller caps whereas larger ones should be worn with thicker frame glasses.

Step 2

To determine which way, you should wear your cap, hold it upright and let it rest snugly on your head.

If the rear of the cap curves to the left, then you should wear your cap with the brim facing left.

If it curves to the right, then you should wear the brim facing right.

Step 3

Adjust it so that the bill is pointing straight out and not at an angle.

The bill should also be located approximately level with your eyes.

Step 4

Adjust it so that the angle of the bill is as low as you can get it.

Cleaning your baseball cap after wear.

Wash your cap only after it has been worn for at least 24 hours.

This will ensure that your hat will never have a musty smell and that your pom-poms won’t fluff up.

In cold weather, keep in mind that most caps have a tendency to become saturated and lose some of their shapes over time, thus making them more comfortable to wear.

When cleaning your cap, do not use a towel to dry it.

Instead, fold the fabric over itself and then lay the hat flat on a flat surface.

To maintain its shape, wash your cap only in cold water and with a neutral-coloured laundry powder.

Do not wash your cap in the dryer or you will risk creating small holes in your hat.

Also don’t forget to store your caps in a safe place, preferably in the hat’s box or at one of the shirt pockets if your hat didn’t come with one.

Step In addition you should remember not fold your cap in half and store it vertically, as this will squish the front brim down and change its shape.


Baseball caps have recently become very famous all over the world due to their simplicity in use and their tendency to satisfy a variety of fashion styles.

However, for you to get the right look while wearing the cap you should be smart on your choices.

After all the final goal is to look decent while wearing one of the baseball caps.