How to Fix a Bent Baseball Cap Brim – The Easy Guide

Wondering how to fix a bent baseball cap brim then this is the guide for you!

You’ll see them worn everywhere from parks to the gym.

Baseball hats aren’t meant to fit snugly around the head or rest on the back of your head.

And when you are wearing them you are usually out and about, working outside or doing sport, heck even socializing.

But that doesn’t mean that your favorite cap should be ignored and left at home, recovering from its condition after getting damaged by accident.

Here are some of the top causes of baseball cap brim damage.

Baseball Cap Brim, also called “Bill”, is a type of hat worn by some players of professional sports teams.

It covers the base of the front of the head, leaving the sides and back exposed, giving it its name.

The brim covers the forehead and prevents any slacking in clothing at the back of the operator’s head.

Brim sizes are generally smaller than regular hats based on the diameter required for an effective brim, which varies according to manufacturer design recommendations.

Wear and tear.

Over time, the stitching and the brim of a baseball cap may begin to deteriorate.

Deterioration is most likely due to wear and tear.

For example, if you have worn your cap while taking part in sports activities like baseball, basketball and other activities where the head would be exposed constantly, the brim of your cap would be subjected to constant tension.

Also, the brim will be subjected to other factors such as temperature changes.

This will ultimately cause it to deteriorate faster than usual since the material is subjected to pressure.

Cleaning using a washer

If you’re wondering how the brim of your hat can be damaged by a washer or dryer, then you are probably not aware of how delicate the fabric is.

The tumbling motion of a washer or dryer will not only ruin the shape of the hat, and tends to damage the brim of the hat.

Even if you put it on the most gentle cycle the shape will most likely be ruined, even on the gentle setting.

So be careful

Placing excess weight on the hat

You know those times when you place your hat on the ground, and then it gets damaged by people stepping on it or something else.

Whatever the case, the main issue here is an excess amount of weight placing unnecessary pressure on your hat’s brim that makes it lose shape.

Different ways to fix a bent baseball cap brim

Various ways can be used to fix a bent baseball cap brim.

This may include:

Applying pressure using your hands

The brim of a hat can be damaged if enough weight is placed on it resulting in a misshapen form.

This misshapen form is normally due to the cap in question, being placed in the wrong position.

It could be you placed it under some wings that ended up being too heavy or even perhaps you accidentally sat on it.

Whatever the case, the main cause comes down to an excess amount of weight placing unnecessary pressure on your hat’s brim and making it lose the original shape.

However, the good news is that you can fix the issue quite easily.

By simply applying the same amount of pressure.

But in reverse.

You simply just have to use your hands and stretch the brim.

You should do this until it looks properly shaped again.

It’s just as simple as it sounds.

However, you should make sure that you do not end up using too much strength, as you could either rip the hat or end up misshaping it even further.

Use elastic bands

One method of fixing a damaged hat that involves a little extra effort is to use an elastic band.

It isn’t hard to find a replacement band that can be found at most stores, but you need to leave it in place for 3-5 days.

Once you remove the band, the hat should be back to its original form.

You could also visit your local hardware store and ask for an elastic band that is slightly larger than the one you have.

Using steamer

You have used your favourite cap and something happens to it causing it to bend.

It might be that your kid sat on it or you may have used the washer to clean your hat.

Now you are wondering how to get the hat fixed since you need to look good when you go to a party with your friends.

Using the steam method.

First subject the bent area to steam.

Do it until you feel the brim becomes softer.

Then it is time to use your hands to get the bent area back on track.

You may use a flat hard surface to your benefit to make sure the brim is as good as before.

Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

However, there are some precautions you have to take.

Because you don’t want to get the cap wet if you can help it.

If so, you have to give it a few seconds to let it dry up then you have the green light to keep steaming.

Using a boiling pot or a hot shower.

Although the steamer is the most recommended method there are other alternatives.

For a boiling pot, you boil water in a regular metal pot.

After the water boils go on and dump the water then hold the hat above the seam.

This should get the cap wet and soften the brim for reshaping.

These two ideas are similar to using the steamer since the main goal is to get the brim soft then you reshape it according to how you would desire it to be.

Using an ironing box

You are a thrill lover?

This is the right method for you.

Using an ironing box is risky but also effective when in need of fixing a bent brim of a cap.

You have to be extremely careful not to burn your cap using the ironing box.

To begin with, you place the brim of your cap on a flat surface.

Make the right adjustment on the power of the iron ox so as not to inflict burn marks on the cape.

Then using the iron box press smoothly on the cape while running the iron box to and fro.

This is to evenly spread the heat.

While you are performing the activity check to confirm if the brim becomes softer.

If so, then use your hands to give the cape the right shape where it was bent.

And if not then you will be required to repeat the task over and over until the brim becomes soft enough to be manipulated.

This method might seem risky but if you are the kind of person to take enough caution then you have nothing to worry about.

Other simple methods include You can use a roll of scotch tape and taking sections as you need them, as long as the band is not too thick, by pressing it against the cap section in question.

Proceed with caution to avoid accidentally damaging your hat.

This is the easiest way to fix a cap bill that is not too bent but only lasts for a short time.

You should also take care to not damage your hat while repairing it.

Use of force should always be your last line of defense.

Never use glue as it will permanently damage your hat and is not a long-term fix.

How to keep your cap from bending.

If you enjoy wearing a cap, chances are you’ve been frustrated by how quickly the brim becomes bent.

Then here are a few tips to keep your hat from bending

The first and most important tip is to never wear your cap while doing anything that might cause it to get squished.

This includes driving, sitting on the edge of a table, and leaning back on a couch or chair.

Wear your hat at events such as concerts where you might be jostled by other people.

A less obvious way that brims can become bent is if they are handled roughly or squished when not in use.

Brims can also get knocked out of shape when the cap is placed on a shelf or a table.

This can be prevented by always storing your cap folded in half with the bill facing upwards.

The brim of some caps will stay in shape even when store and worn.

If you have a cap that fits snugly, you can hold it in a relaxed position and use it this way.

If your cap has a sewn-in elastic band at the base of the bill, consider cutting off any excess material so that your bill sits as tightly against your head as possible.

This will lessen the movement of the brim as you move your head around.

When you have a cap that is already a good shape, consider storing it in a manner that will keep it from getting squished or harmed.

Similarly, you could hold your cap by the bill and tuck one end into a pocket of clothing so that it won’t get squished as much.

The final tip for keeping a cap in good shape is to keep the shape of your head in mind when selecting a cap.

A hat that’s too tall or too short will look odd on you.

If you’re going to an event where you want to make a fashion statement, picking an unusual-looking cap could be part of that statement.

Otherwise, pick a cap that’s proportionate to your head and will make you look your best.


You will be pleased to know that owning a baseball cap can be a great accessory for you.

There are lots of great styles and brands to choose from, and you can also find some accessories to go along with them such as hats, scarves and gloves.

Many factors should determine your choice, including personal style, comfort level and budget.

Then take good Care of your cap and keep it in good condition.

Knowing how to fix a bent brim of the cap then you will be equipped with the skills in case the brim spoils.

The one thing you can’t control is that caps do take a bit of handling to make them look their best.

If you’re wearing a good-looking cap, keep it in shape by treating it like a treasure.

It may get bent out of shape, but with some effort on your part, it’ll stay wearable for much longer than other hats.