How To Dry Baseball Cap – The Proper Way 2023

So your baseball cap is wet and needs to be dryed properly to avoid it getting distorted then this is the guide for you.

Baseball caps are lightweight, extremely breathable and comfortable to wear in hot weather.

They can be worn either folded or rolled up.

The most amazing thing about baseball caps is that they are reusable and actually can last for years after you have bought them.

Then it gets somehow confusing when you find yourself in this scenario.

You have been wearing your baseball cap the whole day and it’s full of sweat and now you are wondering how will you dry it after washing!

I bet this is your situation.

Then read on

Different ways to dry a baseball cap.

If you care about your hat and want to keep it perfectly dry during active sports then you must take action.

But you may be wondering how to dry baseball cap?

To answer this question all you need is a little bit of information below.

There are various methods to dry a baseball cap.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Today, I want to share some of the ways to quickly dry your baseball cap.

One important thing is that you should try a few of them and see which one works best for you.

The slow way is to hang it on a clothesline and wait for it to dry, but if you don’t have time for that then here are the quick ways.

House heater

Dry your hat using a heater?

Sounds simple enough, right?


It may sound like it’s something that only happens to the biggest celebrities and pro athletes, but it’s actually not uncommon for people to dry their hats using a house heater.

If you need to dry your cap or other headwear very quickly, this is an option you should consider.

First it is essential to clean you cap properly before you think of drying it.

After cleaning the hat, you need to take care of the

The fan or hair dryer

This a method that can as well do the trick.

For the fan it is quite easy.

  1. You need to first get a paper crip.
  2. Fold the hair pi in a way that it will be able to hook the back strap of the cap well.
  3. Using the paper clip hook up the back strap of the cap to the mesh of the fan.
  4. Tilt the cap till the back ram of the cap faces the fan.
  5. That is when the button is facing you.
  6. Then turn the fan on.
  7. You will then wait for about 30 minutes and you cap will be ready for wear.

Then there is a hair dryer.

This might be simpler for the ones used to hair drying their hair.

All you need is to take your wet cap and then turn on the hair dryer.

Then hair dry the cap from side to side till you feel it is dry.

These methods can be used in case of unfavourable weather and you need to dry you cap.

Using an ironing box

Here is another method that you may find interesting while it comes to drying you cap.

Using an ironing box might be risky but it will be worth the risk.

You have to be extra careful not to spoil your favourite cap.

You take your wet cap and place it on a flat surface e.g.

you may use the ironing board.

Then you should regulate the ironing box’s heat so as not to burn your cap.

Luckily most of the ironing boxes guide you on the right amount of heat to use depending on the specific type of materials.

You should therefore determine your cap material and be able to get the right heat necessary to dry your cap.

Iron the cap over and over until it starts drying.

You do not want to get some parts of the cap dry and others not dry so make sure that you repeat the procedure evenly to all parts of the cap.

Caution: These can leave marks or distort the baseball cap’s shape so be sure to use low heat.

The general way to dry a baseball cap.

You are not able to dry your cap using the following methods?

You do not have the above equipment to dry your hat?

Don’t worry mother nature has your back.

You can let your hat dry naturally.

For every activity there have to be tools necessary to complete the task and, in this case, you require to prepare to hang a baseball cap.

You need to have a hanging line and one or two hanging pegs

  1. Make sure that your cap is well cleaned up before drying. This will ensure there are no stains on the cap after drying it.
  2. You can get rid of excess water from the cap using a dishwasher. You need to place the cap in the right position where you are sure it will retain its shape.
  3. Then turn on the dishwasher. Wait for few minutes then get your cap out.
  4. There is an alternative for that where you use your hands to squeeze excess water from the hat. Be careful not to ruin the cap especially the brim of the cap.
  5. Now, this where you use the peg to pin the hat on the hanging line. Find a suitable place away from shades where it will likely dry faster. If you don’t have a peg to do the job you may use the caps back strap. If your cap has a back strap you may fasten the strap around the hanging line and you will be good to go. Wait for a few hours so as you cap can air dry.


Some people might take this task of drying a cap lightly but if you love you cap then you have to appreciate tasks necessary to maintain it in good condition.

When you dry your cap well then it will be comfortable to wear.

And as a final storage tip after the cleaning

Ensure your baseball cap retains its shape, stuff it with paper towels or a clean cotton pillowcase before putting it away.


Can I put my baseball cap in the dryer?

Yes, you can put your baseball cap in the dryer on a low or delicate setting.

Be sure to remove any metal parts first, and don’t overload the dryer.

Word of caution: However, using the dryer could result in distorting the shape of the cap.

How do I dry my baseball cap if it gets wet?

If your baseball cap gets wet, you can dry it off by using a towel or hairdryer is the quick and easy way.

You can also place the baseball cap on a flat surface and allow it to air dry.

If the baseball cap is made of wool, you can also steam it