How Should a Baseball Cap Fit – The Quick Guide

How should a Baseball cap Fit?

Should a Baseball cap be tight?

These are questions that have come up many times before, but what makes headwear of all shapes and sizes so complicated?

In this blog post, we’ll explore all of the different elements that go into a baseball cap’s fit.

From how to measure your head to how materials affect it, this guide will give you all the knowledge you need to ensure an accurate fit with any hat.

But before that, lets understand the different types of baseball caps.

Different types of Baseball caps

There are six main types of baseball caps that we will discuss here.

Snapback Cap

This type of baseball Cap is very common and is characterized by a flat peak and structured design.

The name comes from the fact that the cap has a snap-closure on the back.

In most cases, the snaps are of plastic even though the hat is made of cotton or wool.

Strapback Hat

This type of cap is similar to the snapback cap but it uses a strap at the back to adjust rather than a snap.

These types of hats are made from different materials including nylon, leather or cotton

Fitted Cap

This type of hat is perfect for a referee on style or a player that needs a fitted baseball cap.

Unlike the two types discussed above, this type cannot be adjusted meaning that you should make sure the cap is fitting before you purchase.

Dad Hat

These are the kind of fuss-free baseball caps that focuses more on function rather than form.

Its one of the best matches for women baseball fans.

The cap is usually made of cotton or canvas.

It has a slightly oversized fit.

Celebrities such as Malia Obama was spotted with this kind of hat.

Premium Cap

These types of caps don’t mainly focus on the function but on the details and quality fabrics.

They usually have a mark of fashion-forward sensibility and are usually made by high-end brands such as Vetements, Michael Kors, Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

Trucker Cap

This cap is named after tucker drivers and rural workers who likes this cap back in the 1970s.

They are also known as Hunter hats and were introduced into pop culture in the 2000s by brands such as Von Dutch and actors such as Ashton Kutcher.

How to fit a Baseball Cap

The baseball cap has many different measurements in the front and the back.

The most common measurements include the length of the chin, the width of the forehead, the circumference of head and hat size.

These measurements are rather simple to follow considering that you only need two small tools for all the measuring processes.

The first thing on measurement is your head size.

Measure from top of your head at the sides and back to ensure a proper fit.

To get this measurement, use a flexible measuring tape.

Another measurement is from front to back.

Get the tape and wrap it around your head where you want the hat to sit.

The hat shouldn’t be too tight or too loose for you to get the perfect fit.

The next measurement is from earlobe to earlobe where you want the baseball cap to sit comfortably.

Make sure that it doesn’t touch your cheekbone or forehead when on.

The last measurement is from the middle of left ear to the middle of the right ear.

Make sure you are getting a cap with the right measurements depending on the information shared above.

How Materials Affect a Hat Fit

The material that’s used to make the baseball cap will affect its fit.

The hat, like any other garment, should fit well regardless of the materials used to make it.

Also, different cap fits have different requirements for materials.

Snapback caps use polyester or cotton fabrics to help them remain flexible and durable even though they’re made in an old-school way.

The fabrics used to make this type of cap should be breathable and light weight.

Strapback hats are made by using cotton or canvas although these materials react differently with the heat from the sun.

The heat from the sun can cause a baseball cap to get thinner when it’s exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.

Fitted caps use un-cottoned fabric for its outer layer whereas fitted caps made of cotton are usually better.


How tight should a Baseball Cap be?

A baseball cap that fits well shouldn’t be too tight.

The material of the cap should allow it to fit comfortably on your head.

As such, a baseball cap that fits too tight will make you uncomfortable because the headwear is too tight.

It can also cause headaches or pressure on your head.

As such, an important factor in choosing a good-fitting cap is its size and flexibility.

Should a baseball hat be too tight?

No! A hat shouldn’t be too tight for you to wear comfortably.

A baseball cap that’s too tight can make you feel uncomfortable or give you headaches.

This is because of the pressure it causes on your head when it’s worn.

If a cap is too tight, you might end up having to buy a new one after wearing it for not so long.

How do you know if a baseball cap is too tight?

There are some ways that you can choose if a hat is too tight.

Look at how it fits on the back of your head and see if there’s any pressure when worn for a short period of time.

If there is no pain or pressure, use the above-mentioned measurements to check if the cap fits well.

If the hat doesn’t fit well, get a new one that fits better on your head.


We hope that we have helped you learn more about baseball caps and how to choose the right one to wear.

The best option is to look through a variety of different brands of baseball cap at the local stores.

Try on different styles and models to find out what works best for you.

You can also research various tips on how to fit a baseball cap more properly before wearing it in case of any discomfort or pressure caused on your head due to the fit of your cap.